Virginia’s Story – Shoulder Arthritis



Virginia Wostman



Buckingham, PA


Virginia’s Specialty: 

Woodcarving Artist



Shoulder Arthritis



Reverse Replacement


Why did you choose Rothman?

I had been to Rothman before regarding an issue with my hip. In all, I’ve now had 6 joints replaced by them. It’s important that you go to the very best, and Rothman for me is the very best.

Describe your experience.

I took up woodcarving about 20 years ago, and noticed shoulder pain following a recent Christmas. I went to get my shoulders examined and received X-rays. They revealed that both shoulders were bone-on-bone; I was in pain and I couldn’t carve for a whole year. I really had nothing to look forward to and couldn’t wait to get them fixed. When speaking with my doctor, it was recommended that I get a reverse replacement.

What would you recommend to patients considering treatment?

Both replacements turned out just really well. I’m an older lady, but believe me that my joints are like a 20-year-old’s. I’ve recommended Rothman to an awful lot of people. I wouldn’t go to any other group except Rothman for any kind of orthopedic work.

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