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Rothman Orthopaedic Institute is one of the nation’s leaders in the growing field of hip arthroscopy. Our Hip Arthroscopy Program is a part of a broader Hip Preservation Program.  The Rothman Orthopaedic Institute is the only Hip Arthroscopy Program in the Delaware Valley with experienced board certified surgeons in both New Jersey and Pennsylvania.  We have the most experienced hip surgeons in the region who not only have the expertise for these unique procedures, but also teach other surgeons regionally, nationally, and internationally on these techniques.  Research is an important component to any program as this allows us to evaluate current techniques, modify them according to patient outcomes, and develop new and better techniques to improve patient’s pain and function.  At the Rothman Orthopaedic Institute research is a critical aspect of our program.  Some of our current research projects are available on this link.  Our hip surgeons have published extensively on hip arthroscopy and hip preservation and give instructional lectures regularly to other orthopedic surgeons nationally and internationally.

Hip arthroscopy is a unique, minimally invasive outpatient technique that uses fiber-optic cameras and small instruments to treat painful hip conditions that were traditionally repaired through larger open incisions.  It can allow for a quicker recovery period, less scarring, and a return to pre-injury activity levels which make it an ideal technique for athletes and those under the age of 55.  There are many conditions that can be treated arthroscopically when indicated. 

Indications for hip arthroscopy include: labral tears, loose bodies, hip impingement (FAI), snapping hip, articular cartilage injuries, synovitis, and hip pain.  Through small incisions and using a fiber-optic camera these painful conditions can be treated safely and effectively on an outpatient basis. Relative contra-indications for hip arthroscopy include pre-existing arthritis, obesity, infection, and regional pain syndromes (e.g. RSD, fibromyalgia).  

Candidates for hip arthroscopy include:

  • Athletes with hip pain associated with labral tears +/- FAI
  • Athletes with snapping hip syndrome
  • Pre-arthritic patients with hip pain and labral tears +/- FAI
  • Pre-arthritic patients with hip pain associated with synovitis

Hip arthroscopy is not a common technique, so your surgeons experience is an important factor to consider.  At the Rothman Orthopaedic Institute, Dr John P Salvo performs these procedures on a regular basis.  He has been performing hip arthroscopy since 2004 and does hundreds of these cases annually.  He also teaches regionally and nationally, instructing other orthopaedic surgeons in how to perform these procedures.  He has published articles and authored book chapters and has had numerous scientific presentations nationally and internationally in various areas of hip arthroscopy.

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