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Meghan Bishop, MD March 12th, 2019

What Factors to Consider When Searching for an ACL Tear Specialist

Pain and swelling. Limited knee movement. Inability to walk or put weight on one leg.

When you tear your anterior cruciate ligament (ACL), the symptoms that follow can be brutal. Fortunately for those who live in New York City, an ACL tear specialist near Gramercy Park can provide proper care and pain management. Still, it can be difficult for athletes to determine who to specifically see for treatment. Particularly, if you are an athlete who intends to return to your sport, you should take time to choose the best orthopaedic care provider possible.

This article will help you determine the most important qualities to look for in your next Sports Medicine doctor.

ACL Tear Treatment Options

Before choosing a specialist to address your ACL injury, it may help to review and understand the following treatment options. Understanding the possible care you will receive ahead of time allows you to prepare for discussions with your doctor and ask specific questions.

  • Physical Therapy and ACL Bracing: Non-operative ACL tear treatment is generally recommended to patients with low activity levels. These patients should also plan on not returning to high-intensity sports. When the ACL is torn, it cannot fully repair itself without the reconstructive work of a surgeon. Nevertheless, physical therapy can strengthen your knee and restore your range of motion. Likewise, bracing immediately after a tear has occurred provides stability and may decrease the amount of swelling.

  • ACL Reconstruction Surgery: Most athletic patients with ACL tears require ACL reconstruction. During this procedure, a Sports Medicine surgeon will remove the torn pieces of the ligament and replace them with a graft. In the months that follow the surgery, the graft heals and functions as the new anterior cruciate ligament.

How to Find Your Next ACL Tear Specialist Near Gramercy Park

What factors should you consider when searching for the best doctor to treat your ACL injury? We have compiled a list of qualities you may want to prioritize during your search. As you review your options, look for:

  • A convenient location. Because ACL tear treatment does not occur in the course of a single visit, it is valuable to find a doctor who practices close to where you live or work.

  • An impressive education background. While all practicing doctors have extensive schooling, you can look for what makes certain doctors’ education unique. Where did they attend school? What did they specialize in? Do they have relevant certifications that other doctors do not?

  • An extensive experience treating ACL injuries. If you are nervous about reconstruction surgery, you’ll want to work with a specialist who has had plenty of experience with this specific procedure.

  • A sufficiently available schedule. Severe ACL tears can require treatment as soon as possible. So, a determining factor when choosing a doctor is how soon they can see and treat you.

  • A clear dedication to and compassion for patients. You can assume that all doctors are dedicated to their work. But does that show in their demeanor towards patients? You may prefer a specialist who has a strong bedside manner and speaks in a friendly, compassionate tone. If so, search for these details in online reviews or ask around.

  • A strong connection to other medical professionals. Regardless of whether or not you get reconstruction surgery, an ACL tear typically requires physical therapy. Rather than search for another provider, you can ask your choice Sports Medicine specialist if he or she can recommend a physical therapist. Our doctors at Rothman Orthopaedic Institute all have strong connections between team members and across orthopaedic fields.

Upon searching, you will find that a member of our Sports Medicine team at Rothman Orthopaedic Institute is your ideal candidate. We can provide expert care and support you from diagnosis to recovery. To schedule an appointment with an ACL tear specialist near Gramercy Park, please visit us here or contact us at 1-800-321-9999.

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