Sports Injuries and Shoulder Treatment in Gramercy Park: Everything You Need to Know

Meghan Bishop, MD December 21st, 2018

Shoulder Treatment in Gramercy Park, Now Available for Athletes

When it comes to your health, the experts at Rothman Orthopaedic Institute think the more you know, the better. In fact, our physicians and surgeons strive not only to provide excellent orthopaedic care but also educate our patients about their bodies and injuries. In particular, our Sports Medicine specialists want athletes who use their upper bodies often to have an awareness of shoulder injuries, injury prevention methods, and where to get shoulder treatment in Gramercy Park, New York.

The Anatomy of Your Shoulders

Three bones in the shoulder (clavicle, humerus, and scapula) make up two shoulder joints. The acromioclavicular joint is located between the clavicle and part of the shoulder blade called the acromion. The glenohumeral joint, otherwise considered the ball-and-socket joint, is found between the humerus and part of the scapula known as the glenoid.

Within the glenohumeral joint, a piece of cartilage called the labrum stabilizes and cushions the space between the humerus and glenoid. Other supporting parts of the shoulder including the rotator cuff muscles and fluid-filled bursae. When every part functions properly, your shoulders maintain flexible, easy movements.

Upper Body Sports

If you engage in an athletic activity throughout the week or month, you repeatedly put pressure on certain joints and muscles. For example, soccer players who are always on their feet depend enormously on the health and functionality of their knees and ankles. Likewise, those who play sports and utilize upper body strength to some degree need their shoulders to lead them to victory. These sports include:

  • Swimming

  • Baseball, softball, and any throwing sport

  • Basketball

  • Rowing

  • Tennis

  • Gymnastics

Sports Shoulder Injuries and Shoulder Treatment in Gramercy Park

What shoulder injuries are the most common in athletes? Here are a few to be aware of. If you suspect you have one of the injuries below, make an appointment with a Sports Medicine specialist who can give you a proper evaluation and diagnosis.

  • Rotator cuff tear
    A tear to one of the rotator cuff tendons due to either an acute injury or repetitive overhead activity

  • Shoulder dislocation
    When the bones on opposite sides (commonly, the humerus and the scapula) are forced out of alignment

  • Biceps tendon rupture
    The detachment of the biceps tendon from the bone

  • SLAP lesion tear
    The detachment of the superior labrum from the site of the biceps tendon insertion

  • Shoulder instability
    When the humerus has a greater chance of dislodging from the glenoid due to either a traumatic incident (falling or colliding with a teammate), a series of “microtraumas,” or overuse

Shoulder treatment for the above injuries will vary depending on the severity of each case. Other factors such as your medical history and lifestyle may impact which treatment option your doctor recommends first. For this reason, it is important to speak honestly when your doctor asks questions and express any worries you have regarding your condition or treatment. The most respectful and professional shoulder doctor will appreciate and value your efforts to communicate.

Sometimes, developing a shoulder injury is unavoidable. In other cases, though, you can implement injury prevention techniques to decrease your chances of injury. Staying hydrated and fueling your body sufficiently, stretching before and after exercise, strengthening your shoulders, and implementing other injury prevention methods recommended by a medical professional can keep you healthy while playing your sport.

Why Choose Rothman Orthopaedic Institute?

At Rothman Orthopaedic Institute, we believe communication between physicians and patients is essential to a successful appointment. Our Sports Medicine specialists explain difficult orthopaedic concepts to patients and respond empathetically when patients express doubt or confusion. Furthermore, our specialists value the input of other professionals that contribute to our practice, including orthopaedic surgeons, athletic trainers, and physical therapists. Our team approach and numerous other assets set our practice above others.

As a practice internationally-recognized for integrity and best practices in providing sports injury treatment, our physicians and surgeons want you to know you are in good hands here. For more information about shoulder treatment in Gramercy Park, or to schedule an appointment with one of our Sports Medicine specialists, please visit us here or contact us at 1-800-321-9999.

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